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Recruitment examination

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 experience, still very excited."Recruitment examination quite strict, no less mortem examination soldiers degree." Haowen Fu said that after layers of screening, a total of 96 farmers were able-bodied cement plant was selected to go to work, and his thin stature because, in the feed plant former leader was also devoted to arrange a re-examination, eventually was able to hire."Some young men from poor families in rural areas could not find a wife, as long as the worker, matchmaking that come one after another."   nike free 5.0 cheap   says that's when workers become the dream of many young men, married workers became not young girls The mate requirements. At that time, "worker" label has become successful, which is why, when released later recruitment revelation, attracted a lot of young men surrounding enroll recruitment.After formally employed, Linyi highway management segment of the workers were on assignment, and some sections of the cement plant distribution catholic work, and some sections were assigned catholic Machinery Factory. In this way, Haowen Fu and other 75 young men and Cement signed a five-year contract to become an enviable workers. 90 colleges and universities to be 13 days to complete the self-enrollment, "Crash" increase the probabilityOn the 17th, the Ministry of Education issued a "further reduce and regulate entrance scores extra points and opinions" provisions since January 1, 201



5, the abolition of the major sports competition winners, two players who pass measurement system, the provincial level of outstanding student, ideological and political qualities were outstanding deeds, Olympiad winners, contest winners and other tech six extra points nationwide. Reporters learned from the Shandong Provincial Department of Education recently Shandong Jiafenzhengce entrance will be released,  nike free 4.0 v2 womens starting next year, Shandong six extra points for the class will be canceled, and January 1, 2015 has been made in the corresponding items whether students enjoy extra points, Shandong still studying.Students also have subject expertise advantage  Side branches severely affected students"奥赛加 were canceled, there is also the advantage of candidates disciplinary expertise it " On the 17th, facing the entrance points of the canceled   points, many parents doubt on this issue. Reporters interviewed more than classroom teachers Jinan hot high school, many teachers said that the cancellation   points have little effect on the students, are generally available to the National Olympic final prize or two students, usually over a line test is not a problem, but for severe migraine Koger outside Orsay students will have an impact.Wang Hong, deputy director of the provincial high three experimental schools Ministry said cancel  points undoubtedly burden to students, candidates participate in a contest to return to reason, in fact, to weed out students for the pursuit of entrance points and competition, this left a real door Interested students 



discipline, academic competitions for the return of the National Science and Technology of the true meaning of reserve personnel. "Wang Hung said that in this he was reminded of a single discipline expertise of the candidates, do not side branches, otherwise they will suffer a great deal.Assessment of the province has been a plus eugenics can do  Previous years plus 20, next year, or add 5 pointsNot long ago, the December 12, Jinan publicity the nine provincial excellent list of students in 2015. As in previous years Jiafenzhengce, eugenics province with 20 points, and now in 2015 they selected the province of eugenics can get extra points it  In addition, the existing entrance Jiafenzhengce in Shandong, courageous and other projects in the future as well as extra points it  school bus safety has been a topic of public concern, under the situation in the country to crack down on black school bus, Shandong Weifang Anqiu police do not meet the requirements of the "black school bus" for the special rectification actions. But the "black school bus" violations still occur. This does not, recently, Anqiu City Police Department received a call from nike free 3.0 v5 womens  the masses hotlines.Anqiu city Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade squadron instructor Shandong Zhao Yonggang told public television channel broadcast "frontline police" reporter, 11:30, traffic police brigade received a report that said black school bus Albatron institutions.After receiving the masses of hotlines, police rushed to the scene immediately. It is understood that transformed into a "black 


President is handling

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President is handling mechanism inspired his enthusiasm, his monthly year trial of cases, ranging from 15 to more than 23.Presidents handling mechanism in order to prevent hospital discount, he also offered to the President to engage in hand-divisional, random assignment of cases the cause of action. "If you can pick a case, you can not avoid some people just pick a simple case, like sonike lunarglide 6 mens me divorce cases, there is a large proportion of the initiative due to the withdrawal of the parties and good, so by 'closing days' investigators able to complete the task." He bluntly To come and make it real.Significantly enhance the efficiency of the trial courtDecember 2, killing 13-year-old daughter, Nanjing father's case to trial. Because his daughter coming home, his father beating caused his death with a steel pipe, was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment. The case collegial panel, chaired by the Nanjing Intermediate People's Court Zhou Kan Tribunal presiding juvenile, the juvenile court judge as the Chief  assistant judge.The entire handling process, Xucong Ping Zhou Kan words and deeds closely. Cases involving victims of privacy, privacy section also has a significant impact on the sentencing of the defendant, how to deal with  Public opinion is very concerned about the case is tried, how to achieve legal and social effects of reunification  Xucong Ping feel, keep Zhou Kan learn many things."Hospital of the President to appear ad litem, the younger population is lucky thing." 29-year-ol exclaimed, their entry into the work of the Court 



from a law student, was found after exposure cases, book knowledge is just not enough. Hospital investigators followed the President, looking at a good judge how to deal with difficulties, this direct preaching Tuition let yourself go the many detours, accelerated growth.This year, Xu Congping Jiangsu Province won the prevention of juvenile delinquency advanced individual, also won the Nanjing nike free tr fit 3 mens  Intermediate People's Court Verdict outstanding award."College Presidents usually promoted by the excellent judges, they have a wealth of trial experience, there are certain life experiences, through court adjudicating cases, contact the parties fully understand the case, not only the case of guaranteed quality, and can be experienced in handling cases, skills taught to the young by the judge handling the case together. "Liu Hongbing, said hospital President of ad litem judges to enhance the overall quality, the effect is long-term.Through a series of reform measures such as hospital-President investigators, the Nanjing Intermediate People's Court trial efficiency dramatically. From January to September this year, the hospital received a total of all types of litigation, enforcement cases 10,616, up 22%; the trial rulings 8022, an increase of 20.8%. The business sector to hear the case a few days 53.8 days on average, down 7.4%.Free up more time to run the case handlingIn f



act, although rarely appear before the ad litem, but the hospital is not easy work of the President. Liu Hongbing, said the court has a lot of business in the hospital administration, leading to audit court judge to issue a large number of documents, to conduct research, summary trial experience under the guidance of the business, but also to manage the team to carry out ideological education, honest style building, outreach, etc. .Hospital President of investigators, the time from where Judicial reform hospital operating mechanism for the President to release a portion of the time. Nanjing Intermediate People's Court re-established a 51 to sit on each of the Full Court "331" combination, namely three judges, assistant three judges, a clerk, by the President, the Vice-President, publicly set aside the election of senior judges served as presiding judge, referee instruments issued by the presiding judge."Before the reform, I was responsible for three full court, I have all the documents issued by the referee, encounter difficult and nike free run 3 womenscomplicated cases should be reported to me, and joint research." Nanjing Intermediate People's Court Vice President Weifeng Huang people a say, after the reform, he served a Full Court presiding judge, this case is only responsible for issuing the full court, which makes him more time to appear ad litem.Now, every Tuesday through Thursday, is fixed Weifeng Huang court sitting time, probably hear four cases a day. This year, he has been presiding over one hundred cases, is in the hospital atrium 


urging restart FTA negotiations

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ce crescendos, in addition to urging restart FTA negotiations with the EU as soon as possible, Uruguayan President Mujica is on a high-profile summit urged cooperation with China.Mujica said, "For Latin America, the Chinese continue to strengthen economic and trade relations and, likenike free 3.0 v5 mens  bread as indispensable," Mercosur can not and should not ignore this trade relationship. The outgoing president of Uruguay has been an active promoter of Latin American cooperation. Last July, held this year in Venezuela Mercosur summit, he had called on Latin American countries' and China should unite for common development. "Since 2012, the Argentine economic downturn, the government in order to maintain macroeconomic stability, strict controls on imports. This led to discontent within the regional trading partners, but is considered to be the organization's free trade negotiations with the EU to restart a major resistance. Argentine President Cristina at the summit said that Mercosur "difficulties and differences that exist within the final negotiated settlement through the neighborhood, but the conclusion of an agreement with the more developed economies must comply with the principle of win-win."This year's economic performance is particularly eye-catching Bolivia had to be accepted as a full member at the summit, but due to the Brazilian Congress has yet to pass the vote, whil




e Paraguay think there is a problem on the program, according to the statement after the meeting, the Bolivian "positive" will be delayed until next year the first half.The summit has made some achievements in expanding the Mercosur external markets. For example, the organization with Lebanon and Tunisia respectively memorandum of understanding and cooperation framework agreement on trade and economic cooperation, in addition to the Eurasian Economic Union with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan to reach a consensus on the composition of trade and economic cooperation memorandum of understanding content. Local media analysis, said cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union will open up a huge market space Mercosur agricultural exporters.Mercosur is one of Latin America's most important regional integration organizations, Member States, including Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela, the total area of 14.87 million square kilometers territory, with a total population of 287 million, is the world's major energy and food origin, is considered to be the world's fifth largest economy. Since its air jordan 6 retro inception in 1991, the organization has made remarkable achievements of the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement through a spokesman on the 17th in the maintenance of stability and development in the region, promote integration, member countries to promote cooperation in various fields, to take place in car bomb attacks in Yemen Beida province strongly condemned.The statement said that such cowardly acts of terroris



m, including the cruel killing of innocent civilians, including children, absolutely no justification. Ban Ki-moon called for the perpetrators to justice, and to express my sincere condolences to the families of the victims.Beida Yemeni Ministry official said on the 16th, the Shiite militant group Jose office in the province and a school night, suffered a car bomb attack, killing 40 people, including 20 children. The explosion occurred in the town in recent months Lada worst attacks together, has not yet announced any organization created the attack. Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Fifth Summit will be held in Bangkok, Thailand. Thai scholars believe, GMS countries in salomon speedcross 3 cs mens economic activity over the years, the growing influence of China in which you play a very important role. States look to promote sub-regional economic cooperation and interoperability, and deepen the development of partnerships within countries, to enhance the level of sub-regional economic integration.GMS after 20 years of hard work, cooperation has continued to go real deep to go, continue to strengthen strategic planning has become an important platform for economic cooperation within sub-regional economic integration, a major force behind Asia's prosperity and stability of an important part.Thammasat University Vice-Chancellor, said Peng guess, GMS was founded 20 years ago, within the country's achievements in terms of infrastructure is the most significant. Linking Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and other countries East-West Corridor project has been completed and put into operation, 

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